Whether or not you believe zombies have passed their cultural moment in the sun and begun to putrefy, we were intrigued to see Syfy getting in on 'The Walking Dead''s game with the development of new original series 'Z Nation.' Now, the cast from the all-new series have shambled their way out, among them 'Constantine''s Harold Perrineau, 'Supernatural' vet DJ Qualls, Tom Everett Scott and more.

Set for a fall 2014 debut, Syfy’s 13-episode ‘Z Nation’ from ‘Sharknado‘ producers The Asylum will pick up three years after the zombie apocalypse hits America. Only one survivor of the actual plague lives, while others attempt to transport him to a lab across the country where his blood may be able to create a vaccine. Of course, said survivor has a secret that could kill them all.

Perrineau will play Hammond, the leader of the group headed west, while Scott portrays Garnett, Hammond’s second-in-command, and Qualls takes the role of Citizen Z, a computer hacker who helps the team navigate the zombie-infested landscape. 'Twilight''s Michael Welch and Kellita Smith will portray Mack and Addy, two wanderers drawn to the team and to each other by goals of survival.

Also present among the cast are Anastasia Baranova, Russell Hodgkinson and Keith Allan. Karl Schaefer serves as executive producer and showrunner, while John Hyams will direct the pilot.

We're at least on board to see what Syfy comes up with, but what say you? Does the cast of 'Z Nation' sound like it has enough going to differentiate itself from 'The Walking Dead'?

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