Log Cabin

Fairfield, Idaho Log Cabin
I'm not sure how this one got by me. I normally have a radar that alerts me when there's a new log cabin available nearby. Little did I know that a few weeks ago, a new one became available near Fairfield, Idaho.
Epic Craters Log Cabin
By now, it's a well-established fact that I'm a log cabin freak. It doesn't help that there is one that is available that's not that far from us. Truth is it's right next door to Craters of the Moon.
Idaho Log Cabin Dream
I've always wanted to live in a log cabin. Blame it on all the Grizzly Adam's TV shows I watched when I was a kid. Just for fun, did a search for log cabins on Zillow and came across this beauty north of Twin Falls. It's got mountain views, sits next to a reservoir and won't cost…