When I daydream about having a log cabin in Idaho, THIS is what I'm talking about. It's a property that's available and it's only a couple hours away from Twin.

OK, so maybe it's a couple hours plus another half hour, but Malad City still isn't that far away. This is a 5-bed, 3-bath Idaho log cabin to die for. Where do I start? How about the mountain views? Oh, and there's a waterfall. Plus, this log cabin has a shower with a bunch of knobs in it. I have no idea what any of them do, but I'm pretty sure it's awesome, too.

The actual address, according to Zillow, is 11136 N 100 W, Malad City, Idaho. If you check out the pics, you'll notice there's lots of knotty pine used in the cabinets and other parts of the home. There's nothing that screams "I'm a log cabin" quite like knotty pine.

The asking price isn't astronomical either. Sure, $376,250 isn't pocket change. But, I've seen log cabins like this go for almost double, especially considering the nature views this one packs. There was a $250 price cut about a week ago, so they're practically giving it to you now or at least that's what I'll tell my wife.

This is a for sale by owner thing, so know that going in. I personally can't afford a 2 hour commute every day. But, if you're a Rockefeller, go for it. This is a stellar log cabin that surely someone will pick up at some point.

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