This just isn't fair at all. Zillow knows I love log cabins. It (imagining that a website is a real person) also is aware that I daydream about living in Ketchum. Now, those two dreams have collided in one immaculate log cabin.

I first saw a video for this beauty on Vimeo. Excuse me while I find my drool bucket.

The address appears to be 13576 St Hwy 75 in Ketchum. The video doesn't say, but almost positive this is the same log cabin I found on Zillow. It's a 3-bed, 3-bath dreamboat of a log cabin. Imagine looking out that huge living area window and seeing that everyday.

The video description mentions it has access to the Oregon Gulch trailhead. That's basically some of the best trails in Idaho. No fair again.

Now, the hard part. You wouldn't happen to have $1,549,000 I could borrow, do you? That's the asking price for living in a log cabin in Ketchum.

Martha Hausmann and Katherine Schroder are the listing agents, if you want a tour.

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