It's Probably Nothing
I have good news and bad news about Mount St. Helens. The bad news? The volcano just experienced another massive swarm of earthquakes. The good news? It's probably nothing to worry about - maybe.
It Could Happen
Curiosity killed the cat, or so I'm told. I don't know about the cat, but curiosity led me to research the real risk of a major earthquake in the Magic Valley. What I found is not comforting.
Elko, Nevada Morning Quake
It's been a little quiet on the earthquake front in our part of America lately. But, no longer. An earthquake just occurred that was centered squarely in Elko, Nevada.
Earthquake Near Challis, Idaho
This earthquake was not large. In fact, it probably wouldn't even rearrange your china if you were sitting right on top of the epicenter. But, it did happen very near Challis, Idaho.

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