This earthquake was not large. In fact, it probably wouldn't even rearrange your china if you were sitting right on top of the epicenter. But, it did happen very near Challis, Idaho.

The mild 2.7 was centered near the mountains of the Lost River Range, south of Challis. If you look closely at the map, you'll notice this was very close to the Borah Peak quake of 1983 that registered a major 6.9 on the Richter scale. Any quake that happens in this area definitely gets our attention.

The University of Utah map reveals that this was not the only quake near Challis recently. On Monday, there was a tiny 1.7, but that's still a sign of increased activity in our neck of the woods.

As always, you can monitor all of the major quakes around the country by checking the USGS website.

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