Woman Develops Foreign Accent After Oral Surgery [VIDEO]
Any type of surgery can leave you dealing with some serious side effects, but 56-year-old Karen Butler has experienced something especially peculiar. Since her oral surgery a year and a half ago, the Oregon woman has spoken with a bizarre English-meets-Irish-meets-Russian accent.
Woman Is Addicted To Eating Sofas
Wait, what?  Yeah, you read that right – a woman is addicted to eating sofas.  Meet Adele Edwards, the 30-year-old mother of five in Florida who’s addicted to eating sofas.  She has pica, a condition that, quote, “compels people to eat non-nutritive subst…
Filer Woman Arrested For Lottery Fraud
A Filer woman has been arraigned for allegedly taking lottery tickets from the convenience store where she works and cashing in the winning tickets.  Police say 53 year old Debra Lou Nelson was arraigned last Friday and charged with felony lottery fraud...