A recent video of a girl visiting a haunted museum in Las Vegas is heading toward viral status after she is seen fainting after an unidentified ball of light passes right past her.

The footage, shot earlier this week, shows a group of visitors standing in line, presumably taking a tour of the building. The attraction is the brainchild of a member of the popular Travel Channel program, "Ghost Adventures." The Zac Bagan's Haunted Museum is located at 600 East Charleston Boulevard.

A production assistant from the show recently paid a visit to Twin Falls, on what some area residents are hoping was a scouting trip. At :37 into the video, the girl can be seen slumping to her right, and falling to the ground, just moments after an orb-shaped object passes.

The video was shared to YouTube on June 25 by PSPR Paranormal Pursuit. It's still not known if the woman's reaction was to the passing object or not.

What do you think the object was?


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