When someone is arrested for a crime and being processed by a law enforcement agency, vanity goes out the window. One 2020 Idaho mug shot was recently relived by an East Coast publisher and featured in a gallery of the world's most shocking face pics.

While I've never personally seen a mug shot worse than the legendary 2002 driving under the influence pic of actor Nick Nolte, I have seen a few images of Idaho inmates that have raised the laughable bar. In 2018, I wrote a piece on Idaho's craziest mug shots, which featured a guy with a large bird on his shoulder, another that looked like he was passing a kidney stone, and an area man who was arrested in Las Vegas while painted up like the Silver Surfer.

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Nick Nolte 2002; YouTube; California Highway Patrol

The two-year-old mug shot of a southeast Idaho inmate named "Pirate" earned top billing over more than 100 others in the recent New York Daily News' feature, "World's Most Outrageous Mug Shot." Mr. "Pirate," who was 43-years-old at the time, was arrested in Bannock County for intentionally burning a woman with a cigarette. He spent more than 12 months in jail for his crime.

Facial tattoos were a common theme in this story, with four of the top five images showing men plastered with ink all over their faces. The only mug shot not containing facial ink was of a dude painted up like The Joker.

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