Yeah, this is poetic justice . . . but I still don’t like it.  Modern technology is quickly stealing your ability to steal hotel towels . . . which is supposed to be a given right.

The days of being able to walk into a hotel room and treat it as your personal buffet of take-home towels, sheets, and bathrobes is coming to an end, and it’s all because of new technological advances.

Hotels are now able to purchase incredibly cheap, washable RFID chips that they can implant in their towels, sheets, bathrobes, and other linens.

So if one gets stolen, they can track its every move.  They can also link up your linens to your credit card . . . so if something gets stolen, they can charge you automatically.

So far, there are only three hotels using these chips.  The company that makes the chips wouldn’t give their names to protect their privacy, but did say they’re in Honolulu, Miami, and Manhattan.

A spokesman from the company said that when the Honolulu property put the chips in their towels, the number of thefts went down from 4,000 a month to 750 . . . and saved the hotel more than $16,000 every month.

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