Thanks to our beautiful canyons, Idaho has many breathtaking views. If you've been to the Bruneau Canyon Overlook, you know it's crazy awesome and kinda scary, too. That has earned it a special honor. Only In Your State has named it as one of the most terrifying views in Idaho. Plus, there's a reviewer on TripAdvisor that is afraid of it for other reasons.

If you want to check out this overlook, I hope you like gravel roads cause you're going to travel on them a lot to get there. But, at the end of the road, you'll be greeted by a sheer drop of over 800 feet and 1,300 feet across to the other side of the canyon.

The Bureau of Land Management website has some rather entertaining directions on how to get there.

Take Hwy-51 south to the town of
Bruneau, turning left/east on Hot Springs Road
(unmarked) at the One Stop Café.
Reset trip odometer here.

00.0 mi:  Hot Springs Road at Hwy-51

15.6 mi:  Turn right/southwest at
“Canyon Overlook” sign

18.7 mi:  Overlook parking lot

Love the "reset trip odometer" part. One final thing about the Bruneau Canyon Overlook. There's a hilariously paranoid review of it on TripAdvisor. User greenswan_12 had this to say about the Bruneau Canyon Overlook.

As many places in Idaho you need to go several times so you are familiar with the area. Foreigners are not much welcome by Idaho locals. I tried to find a road to explore the Canyon but never got to it. I guess you need to be a detective to see the wonders in Idaho if you are not bombed by the airforce or hunted first ha ha ha.

Wow. I didn't know we get to hunt people here in Idaho. And, watching people get bombed by the Air Force would certainly be interesting.

I guess the fact that you might be hunted or bombed is what makes the Bruneau Canyon Overlook extra scary.

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