While working on his 10th studio album in the mid-nineties, Paul McCartney traveled from London to Sun Valley, Idaho, to use the recording studio of another very well known musician who has called the Gem State home for over 30 years.

In February of 1995, McCartney arrived in Sun Valley to lay down some tracks at Steve Miller's recording studio. Several songs from the album "Flaming Pie," were worked on during McCartney's time in Idaho, including the single, "Used To Be Bad," a duet with Miller, and track 9 on the album. The two artists collaborated on other songs as well, including "My Dark Hour," a song recorded by Miller with McCartney on drums, according to the-paulmccartney-project.com.

McCartney reportedly stayed in one of Miller's guest cottages before returning back to London to finish the album. Miller's 13-acre property is currently for sale with an asking price of $14.8 million.

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