How much do you love the Steve Miller Band? I have to ask that question because it would probably be one of the deciding factors when deciding if you want to buy his epic estate in Ketchum, Idaho. That and how many zeroes and other numbers you have on your bank account balance. broke the news about Steve Miller's home being up for sale. To call it a "home" is kind of an understatement. This "home" also includes guest cottages that I am pretty sure are nicer than my home. It also includes a gym and an archive building. I have no idea what an archive building is, but pretty sure there's Steve Miller Band memorabilia in it.

The pictures speak for themselves. Huge living area, a piano and everything seems to be very white. Nice in an Albino kind of way.

How much for this luxury? A cool $16 million is the asking price. For fun, I decided to use the payment calculator and it nearly broke my computer. Payments are estimated to be over $81,000 per month. But, there are no HOA fees, so they're practically giving it to you.

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