You've seen it sitting on that shelf next to checkout aisle 16 at Walmart on numerous occasions. The reason you continue to pass on purchasing it isn't because of the price, but instead, it's because you doubt how effective it can be.

I've been known to be an impulse shopper on occasion. My wife eyeballs me when we get into a checkout line because she knows my eyes tend to wander.

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Do I really need that bag of Gummy Bears or a package of BIC fire starters? My personal response to a question such as this is YES. My son crushes half of my bag of Gummy Bears every time I buy them, and we are constantly misplacing our trigger fire starters in the camping totes, travel trailer, or somewhere outside on the property. There's a science behind what stores choose to put in the checkout aisles.

I will admit that when my wife tells me we should visit the local Walmart, there are a few aisles I get excited about visiting. The assorted barbecue sauce and packaged liquor and snack aisle, the men's slippers and socks aisle, and the sports cards aisle are three stops I always make when stopping in.

In recent visits, I will also say that another item has caught my attention numerous times that I've made a last-minute decision to pass on. It's that damn Handy Heater Plug-In that retails for between $20 and $30, and I came to realize that they're little diamonds in the retail rough.

You know what, they actually work really well. It won't heat an entire house, but plugging one in at foot level is a cost-effective way to stay warm on a cold night. They are also perfect for most bathrooms, and might just be the best-kept secret you'll find near that aisle of "As Seen on TV" crap.

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