With the start of spring only a few weeks away, there are some parks in Twin Falls that could use some major TLC. Although it's the responsibility of the dog walker and not the city to tend to his/her pet messes, I feel like the poop issue has gone way past problematic.

Now, I realize it's winter, and the intermittent snowfall in Twin Falls has been doing a good job of covering the out-of-control amount of K-9 bombs that are scattered throughout county parks and ball fields. My last trip to Pierce Park resulted in dog poop unknowingly being transferred from my left shoe to the gas pedal and floor mat in my car. And don't get me started about Centennial Park, which is hands-down the worst as far as people not picking up after their dogs.

I further get that weather hampers city staffers responsible for park maintenance and beautification from being as efficient as in warmer months, but there are some repairs that certainly can be made year around. From busted bathroom sinks to graffitied walls, and shabby basketball and tennis nets to garbage build up, Twin Falls Parks and Recreation has its work cut out for them as family favorite area destinations will start getting busier once mid-March hits.

I do applaud the city for installing a brand new play area at Pierce Park last December. That was awesome, and much needed considering it's a tiny park with just a combination tennis / basketball court. We live right by the park, and I look forward to taking my kid there when the weather warms up.

A co-worker of mine visits Harmon Park from time to time because it's in close proximity to where her and her boyfriend live, and she says the park is great, but could use some big time bathroom upgrades. Oregon Trail Park is close to where I work, and is always well maintained.

I really wish people would pick up after their dogs more in Twin Falls. I see them running off leashes throughout streets and neighborhoods on a daily basis it seems. Rock Creek Park and Centennial Park are two that could use some enforcement in that department.

What are some improvements you believe could be done? And, to which parks?


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