There's no way this can be true. A major Internet real estate site is claiming the unthinkable. They believe THIS is Idaho's most popular interior design style. They have to be wrong. is a site you would think would know a thing or two about homes. They just shared a study done by Joybird showing what each state searches for the most when it comes to interior design styles. Brace yourself for the results. Are you sitting down?

For Idaho, it's "Shabby Chic".

I will admit that I don't get out much, but have you EVER gone into an Idaho home that looked like this? I will admit that some of the Shabby Chic stuff looks nice if you love colors like ivory.

Before I saw this, I would have guessed that the official Idaho interior decorating style would be "Brady Bunch". We seriously have a lot of paneling and shag carpet in this state.

The dead giveaway that this study has to be wrong is all the other states that prefer "Shabby Chic" are in the old South. Do we really have that much in common with Mississippi and Alabama? I vote no.

Check out the entire article for yourself and see if you need to go get a bunch of white chairs.

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