I work hard and I pay my taxes.  I choose chicken NOT steak because my family and I are on a budget.  We do NOT spend frivolously.  We can't afford to.

That is why I am so very angry that the Internal Revenue Service spent about $60,000 on two training videos.  No, I'm sorry.  I'm outraged that you and I and all the taxpayers of America paid for a $60,000 training video!

After you watch this video, you will know that their money was not even well spent.  The acting, the script, and the premise are all stupid and poorly executed.  The best part is the set.  Great set.

The only positive I can see, is that America is aware of it and that the IRS admitted to sucking.  Here's what's really funny though, according to the LA Times:

Congress was not amused, calling the video a waste of taxpayer money.


Congress, you should probably keep your pork filled mouth shut!

Before I go off on the IRS, here are the two videos in question:

IRS Video CPE:

IRS Star Trek Parody:

America is great!  Build on strong values.  True American's know that hard work is a surefire way to succeed.  Everyday American's get this, why then do our appointed officials/agencies not?

One summer, I lived off of potatoes, mustard, and hot dogs.  It was all I could afford.  This crap-tastic diet motivated me to get moving.  I had not one, not two, but three jobs and I was eventually able to eat actual meat and pay rent.  All the while I was not eligible for food stamps.

During a low point, I called WIC and asked them if they could help me.  The women on the phone basically told me, that if I had a child, I would then be able to receive food stamps.  I then hung up the phone and popped a baked potato in the microwave and continued to pay my taxes.

Government Agencies and Officials: please govern your budgets as if you lived off of a potato, hot dog, and mustard diet.  Only then would the most important items be funded.

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