What better way to celebrate the official start of Fall than by announcing more corn mazes. The Burley Straw Maze and Pumpkin Patch this year is Tune Squad themed and it has become the must go to place for me this fall.

The Burley Straw Maze has 8 foot wall of straw with crazy turns and twists. It can take you anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half to get through the whacky maze. The theme this year is the Tune Squad from Space Jam and it hit me right in the childhood.

The Burley Straw Maze has other attractions as well. They are offering wagon hay rides which are included with general admission and you can choose your very own pumpkin. Apparently, according to their website, they have 20 different varieties to pick from. I didn't even know there were that many varieties of pumpkins out there.

Every Saturday night in October the Burley Straw Maze turns into a haunt fest. That begins at 8 pm with the last ticket sold at 10:30 pm so make sure you get there early enough to get through the fright fest.

If you want to check out the straw maze it is $10 admission on weekdays, $12 admissions Friday and Saturday and for the haunted admission it is $14.

For those looking to buy pumpkins, they are $5 or less which is a great deal. For a more in depth look at pricing on attractions and dates check out their website.

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