There are potholes, and then there ARE POTHOLES. On a recent trip out for lunch, I encountered an old friend that I hadn't seen in several months.

No one likes a nasty pothole, especially ones that are so bad they continuously cause damage to vehicles. I don't mind drifting slightly in either direction while driving my car to avoid them, but when you have no way around one, it can become a little frustrating. This particular one has been an issue for well over a year now.

I don't care to divulge the location of the mammoth pothole I'm writing about today, because I'm not trying to cast a negative light on one of my favorite places to stop for lunch, but I will say, I feel businesses have a duty to mend such property hazards in a timely manner. For the non-truck driving people in the Magic Valley, potholes like these are a real pain to drive over.

On the bright side, when compared to other states in the US, Idaho's roads are in pretty good shape. Here are some states, according to a 2017 survey, that you might want to avoid driving in if you can help it.



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