There are so many amazing places to eat in Twin Falls and the same can be said for places to eat brunch. I have no idea though which place is best so we figured we would ask the people who really know best.

There is something about brunch that is so much fun. Usually you get together with some friends, have delicious food, get a mimosa or Bloody Mary and have a good time. I have been to a few places for brunch and can't say I had a bad time anywhere. Where is the best place though?

Canyon Crest must be pretty good since they have decided to make their brunch available more than once a month. The food there is always really good so I can imagine the brunch menu is killer.

I have been to Koto for brunch a few times and another place I love the food. They have some great options for mimosas as well. Then Anchor is always a good option for pretty much any meal as well. And if you haven't seen their insane ultimate Bloody Mary it is basically everything you love about brunch on top of a delicious drink. That thing has a slider and a chicken wing on it!

If you had family or friends coming to town and you only had one chance to impress them with an amazing experience, great food and drink options where would you go?

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