I like to talk about margaritas. They are delicious and there is a huge variety of places to get some. I was curious what you think is the best margarita in Twin Falls because I might have to go check it out.

Saturday, February 22nd is National Margarita Day and what better way to celebrate than having a few cold margaritas. Do you like them blended or on the rocks? Personally, I am on the rocks type of person.

I have had margaritas from several places in Twin Falls. The ones at La Fiesta are phenomenal and there are some great flavor options. I am allergic to strawberries so finding a margarita that doesn't have a strawberry garnishment can be difficult but they always do a great job serving me. I have had the ones at Janitzio's as well. They are huge and delicious.

I have never tried the ones that are at Milner's Gate, Canyon Crest and Elevation but I have heard great things about all the drinks there. I haven't had a bad experience at any of those restaurants.

I am not sure if I have missed a place that serves margaritas. If I have please make sure that you let me know because it was not intentional. I will gladly add them to the poll. I might just restaurant hop and try all the margaritas. If you do that, just make sure you have a designated driver.

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