Camping season is here Idaho! You know how much the family looks forward to getting outdoors for a weekend, but our four-legged friends also don't mind getting strapped in the backseat for some roughing-it time, and food might be a huge reason behind it.

The strange, unpredictable weather that has been the Idaho spring season so far will quickly be ending. The thunderstorms will continue through the summer, but if we're still seeing hail in July, then it's time to start wondering what the hell is going on with our planet's weather.

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Expect temperatures to be getting very humid soon in southern Idaho. The conditions will be perfect to head to the Sawtooth Mountains to our favorite state camping spots. Dogs love to sleep out under the stars too, and breakfast time on a campout is a beloved meal for both people and the hounds. I enjoy birds chirping as much as the next guy, but let's face it, it's not the most desirable sound to our ears when camping.

The sizzle of bacon, sausage, and eggs in the morning in the Idaho backcountry is enough to wake anyone from a slumber. The dogs are usually playing sous-chef because they know what hits the ground or gets handed to them is going to be a tasty break from the ordinary kibbles. Bacon has got to be the one food our dogs are most looking forward to on campouts, and that's why they're usually the second living creature to report to breakfast prep.

We had a dog that passed away in 2021 that required special food her whole life just to function correctly digestively, but we did spoil her on campouts, and she lived to be thirteen. I think spoiling our dogs food-wise while camping is one of the top reasons they look forward to going.

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