The Fourth of July holiday has arrived. There are incredible places to spend the holiday with friends and family throughout the Gem State, and many Idahoans have been returning to the same exact location for years to ring in our country's Independence Day.

Let me begin by wishing you all a hell of a happy Independence Day. My family spent July second and third at one of our country's most epic national parks before returning home to celebrate the fourth. For nearly a decade, we had a favorite spot in the southern Sawtooth Mountains that was about a two-hour drive from Twin Falls, but years of damage from storms and humans forced us to look elsewhere.

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The holiday is just one of those times that makes me want to be in the mountains. Sitting on a blanket at the College of Southern Idaho or in a cul-de-sac watching people light off fireworks just doesn't appeal to me anymore. The outdoors just call to me when the month of July hits.

Where I live, popular southern Idaho spots that people converge on or reserve well in advance for July 4 celebrations include the City of Rocks, Balanced Rock Park, Centennial Park, Shoshone Falls Park, Dierkes LakeThousand Springs State Park, and the Twin Falls Park operated by Idaho Power, which has some of the best kayaking in the area.

Wherever you are celebrating the holiday this year, we hope you enjoy your time with family and friends. Thank you to all of our current and past United States military officers for defending the country and allowing us to have the freedoms we do.

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