At some point during a camping trip someone usually brings up playing a game. An outdoor website recently made a list of what they referred to as the "best camping games of 2023," and I'm curious what Idahoans think about it.

Camping and fireside games go hand in hand. Some Idahoans I know pack serious games like axe throwing and archery, and others prefer to keep it more simple.

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For years, I would join my wife's family in a remote area of the Sawtooth Mountains for summer campouts. We would play games like badminton, ladder ball, bocce ball, croquet, darts, Jenga, and horseshoes. The level of competition was always fierce.

Nowadays, we pack fewer games with us when we camp. Bag toss (or cornhole) is still a popular one we play quite a bit. The occasional board game such as Scrabble sometimes makes the trip with us. There's always a deck of cards in my truck as well.

Cards Against Humanity, Quiddler, and Play 9 are a few card games we enjoy. recently published its list of the best camping games in America. Axe-throwing and tower ball made this year's list, but an oldie but goodie took top honors.

Cards are apparently the best game to play while camping, according to the website. Gin Rummy, poker, and Go Fish are still favorites of card players, and we shuffle up the deck as well on occasion when outdoors in the Gem State.

Do you agree with Outdoor Life's list of best games? Is there a game not mentioned in this story that you also enjoy playing while camping?

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