Star Wars is a universally loved film franchise that has been entertaining audiences for more than 40 years. For southern Idaho fans, there are two iconic sites that film crews shot at over the years that would make for relatively easy road trips from Twin Falls.

Unlike most movie franchises, Star Wars just gets bigger and bigger every year it seems. Disney has a section of its theme parks in California and Florida devoted entirely to the movies. I know, because I've walked the grounds of Galaxy's Edge and had a cocktail (or three) at Oga's Cantina in Anaheim. The recent arrival of popular streaming series such as The Book of Boba Fett and The Mandalorian has just made the films more and more fans.

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The filming of Star Wars has taken place on multiple continents throughout the world. The closest site to southern Idaho that any Star Wars film has ever been shot is 540 miles south of Twin Falls, within the boundaries of Death Valley National Park. Episode IV- A New Hope, and Episode V- Return of the Jedi, have both had sequences filmed there. This region is the site for Tattooine in the films. California and Star Wars have a nearly 50-year connection.

The Northern California Redwoods, which is approximately 700 miles west of Twin Falls, was also the site of filming for Return of the Jedi, except only this time the location was shot for the backdrop of Endor, home to the Ewoks.

Both of these locations are fairly easy road trips for Twin Falls' Star Wars fans to make. Just don't forget your camera and blaster.

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