French fries and ice cream are two of the tastiest creations ever produced on the planet Earth. If someone combined the two in a handy tub for you to take home and eat when those late-night cravings hit, would you pay for it?

I love ice cream. I love french fries. I'm not sure I love the idea of french fry ice cream though.

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I'll try anything once. I took a cruise to Mexico last summer and tried three food items I told myself at one point in my life I would NEVER eat. Those menu items were frog legs, alligator, and escargot. I figured, when in Mexico, and said to hell with it, and they were all delicious.

The Idaho Potato Commission announced recently that a new french fry ice cream is available to those who wish to give it a taste. You might think, well, I love ice cream and french fries. But would you really want the two together in a cold, creamy form? One of the things I love about fries is that they are served hot; cold fries are horrendous.

VanLeeuwen is the maker of the new milkshake, ice cream, and french fry combination. Even though I initially thought the concoction sounded gross, I have to say it would be much easier for me to sample than escargot. It took me over 40 years to eat a snail, and I'm glad I finally did.

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