Aleksa Davis is a senior at West Point. She is also very good at defying gravity and now has a gold medal to prove it.

I saw this story in the Stars and Stripes. Aleksa was on the team that won 2 gold medals in the 2017 National Collegiate Parachuting Championships. This involved four different skydiving disciplines: formation, vertical formation, sport and classic accuracy.

Before entering West Point, Aleksa attended Boise State. In the Stars and Stripes, it mentions that she used to be the kind of kid who would do flips off of bridges. So, I have to wonder if Aleksa has spent some quality time on our Perrine Bridge. If you're from Idaho and you've jumped off of bridges, I'm gonna guess that's a yes.

After she graduates, Aleksa will be serving in Alabama where helicopters will be part of her future.

How awesome is it that this lady is not only one of the world's best at skydiving and also serving our country in such an honorable way?

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