Brad and I need all the help we can get. So, when I came across three ways to be funnier I took notes. Apparently, there are right ways to be funny and wrong ways to be funny. That might be my issue. listed these three things.

1.  Practice every day with a friendly audience.  Obviously if you never tell jokes, you won't get good at it.  Most people are afraid of bombing, and they don't try.  So tell jokes to people who like you already . . . it gives you experience and confidence.

2.  Put things in the form of a complaint, followed by an analogy.  It always helps to follow a pattern, and an easy one is to find something to complain about . . . then give an unexpected analogy.

3.  Make jokes at your own expense.  It makes you more likable, and makes people want to laugh along with you.  But pick superficial flaws.  Don't joke about things that make people sorry for you, or things that might hit a nerve with someone else.

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