Imagine a nuclear reactor so small it could perch in a box on your desk.  While it may not be practical on a desk, two units that size could cover all the electricity needs in Twin Falls.  Thorium reactors are small.  Most would be constructed inside a building the size of a garden shed.  There’s very little nuclear waste and it decays quickly compared to typical nuclear reactors.

Kent Millington is with a group working on the project and he may be getting some interest from Idaho National Laboratory.  He’s the brother of Steve Millington, my usual on-air substitute when I’m on vacation.  The brothers joined Magic Valley This Morning to expand on the project.

Reactors Could Power the New EV Fleet

The discussion followed comments from U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg.  The secretary would like to see electronic charging stations constructed across the.  This is to meet the expected demand as the automobile fleet transitions to electric.

Kent Millington said small reactors could be installed at truck stops around the country to fuel the chargers.

You Could Save Thousands in Electric Costs

Even if we never make the transition with cars and trucks, the reactors would ease the use of oil, coal, and natural gas when it comes to America’s use of electricity.  Your home’s yearly electric bill could drop to between 60 and 100 dollars!

You can hear our conversation by clicking on the YouTube video below.  The brothers address everything from safety to efficiency.  I hope you’ll excuse the pictures I used to cover the audio.  I don’t have many pictures of nuclear reactors in my personal photographs.  I do have a lot of pictures from a couple of Idaho communities that were electrified by nuclear power during the early days of nuclear technology.

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