Over the years in order to work in radio, including myself and many of the others who have the "sickness" have needed other jobs to support our radio habits.  Most of those jobs include those that rely on you to tip!

Also, our very own intern complains all the time about lack of tipping at her other job.  See she's got the sickness too!

So in honor of the weekend here's a quick little list that breaks down those tipping dos and don'ts:

  • Baristas - Starbucks for example.  Well according to LA Weekly, it says your supposed to leave at least a buck if they get your order right.  I'm a bit offended by this....shouldn't they make it right either way? Sorry, a buck is good.
  • Bartenders - A dollar a drink...I'm glad this is the same as when I was in college - AKA my drinking and smoking days.  Oh I should note, LA Weekly also says if your at a trendy (expensive) place you should leave two bucks per drink.  And NO!
  • Waiter / Waitress - Most say 15%, but it's actually 20% now.
  • Picking Up a To-Go Order - LA Weekly says 10%.  Now I know I'm a cheap ass, but I usually do the whole to--go thing to completely by-pass the tip.  Soooo POOP!
  • Valets - At least $2, now if you like your car or have a new one, at least $3.

This list has opened my eyes to my cheapness!  For example, I forgo the valet, because my ass needs exercise.  :-)

What about you, do you have any tipping guidelines?

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