Last night when I got home from work, there it was on my smart television...sixty inches of Yule Log. With the home heating unit set to seventy, it made for a rather nice back drop while we trimmed the tree.

Nowadays we are spoiled when it comes to our Yule Log. From our smartphones or tablets, we can project--or screen mirror--any Yule Log video of our choice, in high definition, and for 10 hours if we chose. A lot has changed since America's favorite television fire was first lit in the sixties.

Here's something I found fascinating. Did you know, that the original Yule Log footage shot in 1966 was lost for sixty years. According to Wikipedia, it was replaced in 1970 due to being in poor condition, and was just found last July. The famous fireplace was a permanent fixture at Gracie Mansion, in New York City.

Last year, I recall hearing about a television station in New York that aired the original--but digitally enhanced-- version on Christmas eve. Who would have thought that a silly, holiday tradition that most people don't think twice about, was actually a gift from the mayor of New York City to those living in dwellings that didn't have fire places. Sure, many lower class people during the winter of 1966 may have very well froze to death watching it, but it's the gesture that counts.

So, today when you take your lunch break, click this video, and keep those around you visually toasty.

Happy Holidays!




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