Fall is here and leaves are all over the place. On Saturday we sat in front of our living room window and watched as that crazy wind storm blew all of the streets leaves into our neighbor's yard. My neighbor is smart though and doesn't rake the leaves. She just gets on her riding lawn mower and blasts the leaves into tiny lawn feeding particles. According to a Popular Science article, that's the best thing you can do for your yard withe those fall leaves. I don't have any big trees in my yard that give me issues of too many leaves but I still love the idea that I don't need to, and shouldn't be, rake up the few leaves I do have.

I had heard in previous years about the benefits leaves can have for a lawn. Last year I actually made the mistake of gathering a few bags of leaves from a neighbor's yard to spread on my yard. The mistake was that I only spread them around my yard and didn't mulch them with my mower. I ended up withe large patches of matted leaves and dead grass when spring got here. I did my final lawn mowing (hopefully the final one) of the year last weekend and churned up the few leaves I had in my yard. Popular Science says that those with more leaves in their yard could benefit from mowing the leaves a few times to ensure that they break down into the smallest mulch possible.

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