I normally enjoy reading TripAdvisor recommendations. But, they have just released a new ranking of the top 10 National Parks and it's beyond ridiculous.

Notice what's missing? That's right. YELLOWSTONE.

First, let me say that I have enjoyed every national park that I've been to. It's not like the parks mentioned on the new TripAdvisor list is bad, but the omissions are glaring.

Here's their top 10. Try to restrict your laughter until after the list is done.

1. Grand Canyon

2. Bryce Canyon

3. Grand Teton

4. Haleakala

5. Glacier

6. Mesa Verde

7. Sequoia and King's Canyon

8. Yosemite

9. Zion

10. Carlsbad Caverns

Notice what's missing? That's right. YELLOWSTONE. Let me get this straight, TripAdvisor. You included a park I can't spell (Haleakala) and left out the FIRST national park? Good luck explaining that rationale to your mother.

Second point of contention: Rocky Mountain National Park didn't make your top 10 either? What? Are you Carolina Panther fans that are still sore about how the Super Bowl turned out against the Broncos?

I have been to Grand Canyon and yes, it's amazing. But, other than rafting and/or riding a mule down into the Canyon, there wasn't a lot to do there.

Same with Mesa Verde. It's a really interesting place and I loved climbing around in the cliff-side ruins, but that was about it. Oh, and I saw some wild horses. Wild horses rock.

Rankings are a subjective thing, so I get that my list may not match up with their list. But, I can't understand any way that Yellowstone does not make the top 10. Until that gets fixed, I will hold onto my belief that TripAdvisor completely blew this National Park ranking and it should be ignored.

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