Straight from Hall H at Comic-Con 2014 comes the 'Tusk' trailer, our first look inside Kevin Smith's upcoming horror film. Just be warned, you may never look at a walrus the same way ever again.

It's a truly strange tale. A podcaster (Justin Long), in search of the next strange character to feature, hears from a seemingly lonely man up in the deep woods of Canada who wants nothing more than to tell the many stories he's lived before he dies. Everything seems normal, even with all of the stranger's talk of walruses, but soon the young man passes out after his tea is drugged during the interview, and he finds himself a captive. Think of 'Human Centipede,' only this time the deranged lunatic is trying to surgically transform a human into a walrus.

Yeah, the premise is strange, but the 'Tusk' trailer is stranger. Hence the equally odd hashtag campaign -- #WalrusYes. Nonetheless, our interest is piqued.

The cast is also comprised of Haley Joel Osment, Genesis Rodriguez ('Big Hero 6') and Michael Parks, the latter of which seems perfect in the role of the creepy old amateur surgeon. The film hits theaters on September 19.

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