Twin Falls is home to BASE jumping. Every year thousands travel from all over the planet to stand at the end of the platform and take the riskiest of all steps, and some tempt fate more than others.

The Perrine Bridge is a structure I would imagine most serious BASE jumpers internationally have come across and studied at least once in their lives. It's a recreational activity that has no shortage of risks.

A "low pull," is when a jumper tests the limits of the amount of space that separates the object the person jumps off to the ground beneath. It's a dangerous practice, and accounts for many impact deaths annually.

While even a ballpark figure of fatalities connected to the activity is not known, some sources have been attempting to keep track of the data for decades. A recently shared jump video from the famous Twin Falls bridge, which stands 486 feet above the Snake River, caught my eye for its particularly high risk chute deployment.

The March 30, 2021 upload to YouTube, shows a man gracefully leave the bridge's platform, and wait a good spell longer than I have personally witnessed most BASE jumpers toss their parachutes. It leaves the viewer with a sort of, "alright already" kind of feeling. The landing zone off to the jumper's right side along the river does require a descent amount of recovery time for most to successfully land, so waiting too long could have disastrous consequences.

While I wouldn't recommend getting into the habit of trying to wait longer than others to toss a chute from this location, the video is still impressive to watch.

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