It appears an old phishing scam has resurfaced and targeted at least one Twin Falls business email. The scam involves sending an email notifying an individual about a bogus scheduled court appearance. 

I didn't even have to open the email I received Tuesday afternoon at 1:13p.m. to know it was completely fraudulent. I received the message in my work inbox with the name "Vincent G. Baker" listed as the sender. I remember getting a similar email four or five years ago.

I immediately discarded the email into my trash folder without opening it, then took a screen shot of the message's subject line. Appear in court scams target thousands of people every year. If you respond to this crook's email and the website these people direct you to, it usually will result in malware damaging your computer.

Greg Jannetta/ TSM

Courts never contact people through email about upcoming court dates. This should be your first red flag. Without opening the email, just do a search on the name that shows up in the sender line, and you can usually track down a legitimate website that has information on the type of scam that targeted you. In this case, Vincent Baker is an old name I'm familiar with.

Sometimes these criminals ask for money up front to take care of court fees they say you owe. Again, the courts do not collect money via emails, so there's another red flag.

Don't open ANY emails of this nature. Instead, just send them directly to your trash folder.

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