I’m still waiting for someone on the angry left to complain.  After all, any mention of God and some of these people who fall to the ground have seizures and shout they are legion.  Of course, you could ask them what harm is done when someone prays for rain.

Prayer Certainly Can't Hurt

Twin Falls County Commissioners are asking for your prayers this week.  They want to bust the drought.  It’s going to require a heavy snowpack in the mountains and persistent rain or snow in the valley.

Commissioner Brent Reinke asked for prayers during my program in late November.  Afterward, some leading members of the community approached Reinke and counterparts Don Hall and Jack Johnson with a larger request.

Days of Prayer This Week

The three then put together a proclamation.  They asked for your prayers between the 19th and 25th of this month of December.  The county has been under a drought emergency since July.  There are some indications things are getting better.  Boise has already exceeded its snowfall for the month, however.  There’s much more needed across the state.

The worst drought conditions are actually in Idaho’s central highlands.  This is where we need a lot of snow going forward.  The spring runoff will greatly aid with irrigation.

Dry periods are cyclical.  As you may remember, a Twin Falls City Manager warned in 2005 that the community could run out of water by 2010-11.  A combination of science and innovation eliminated that threat.

Individuals may have also prayed during the earlier crisis.  To my knowledge, this is the first time any local government has called for communal prayer to end a serious dry spell.

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