I had the opportunity to speak with a Twin Falls' law enforcement officer recently regarding the "4/20" release of Super Troopers 2. The following is a quick Q & A with Sergeant Dan Thom of the Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office.

Before you read Sergeant Thom's response to my questions, here's the trailer to the first Super Troopers movie, which came out in 2001, incase you need a refresher or have never seen it.

Q1: What was your impression of the first Super Troopers film?

Sgt Thom: " I didn't see all of it. I got part way through it and realized it was crap. Too much gutter humor for me."

Q2: Does rookie hazing still take place in the force?

Sgt Thom: "Twenty-Two years ago when I started it was common practice. We would do some scenario-based pranking. Tasers were involved sometimes, but some officers would get too serious about it, and it was a problem. Nowadays, you're talking lawsuits."

Q3: Who has got the worst "Super-Troppers-esk" mustache in the department?

Sgt Thom: "Oh me, for sure. Have you seen me? I look like the Lorax. Sheriff Tom Carter has a good one too."

Q4: Any officers have any unique nicknames down there?

Sgt Thom: "We used to have a guy who was 6'11, and his name was Bishop. I called him "Big Ship."

Q5: Do you have any messages for Twin Falls on this 4/20?

Sgt Thom: "That's right, today is four-twenty huh. Yes! Let's just say that Twin Falls is an island in a sea of green. And, the Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office is the Coast Guard!"

Thanks to Sergeant Thom for his time.

Now, I'm going to go see the new Super Troopers movie...right meow!

Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office

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