You might have seen this man recently. I saw him a few days ago, standing on the side of the road, harmlessly sharing his passion for his lord and savior.

While I am not currently an active participant in the kind of lifestyle that would identify me as being a follower of any specific religion, I do however get inspired by people who wholeheartedly devote themselves to a cause they believe is righteous.

I recently came across this 17 minute long recording that a Hispanic man shot just off the road from entering Twin Falls from the Perrine Bridge. In the video, the man shares his feeling for his lord. He preaches in a tenacious, but amiable way, and poses strong questions, such as, "Is the spirit of God moving in you?"

The first 90 seconds more or less capture this man attempting to find the right spot for which to share his thoughts. He chooses a trail overlooking the beautiful Snake River Canyon at dusk, and encourages people to follow the lord first and foremost, because "Man will fail you, but Jesus will not."

"Stop what you are doing, and get right with God," he continues. The video was shared on July 16, 2019, and is one of several on the channel titled, Jesus Saves Souls.

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