This is clever and a little too perfect that it happened in Utah. Any kid can whip up a pitcher of ice cold lemonade and sit on a street corner selling tiny cups of sour drink. But it takes a real genius to stand out in the crowd of everyday kids. This kid didn't just stand out - he's shining like the sun.

The kid's homemade sign seems to imply that he's selling ice cold beer but upon closer (much closer for the sight impaired) it actually reads 'Ice Cold Root IBC Beer' with a few key words written much smaller than the rest of the signage. Brilliant! Until the cops get called and try to shut down your underage alcohol stand until they also realize that it isn't an illegal alcohol stand but a genius kid who knows how to get parents to stop by for a drink.

I think someone in Twin Falls needs to have a go at this business model but use a sign that reads 'Ice Cold Non-Alcoholic Lemonade' but the NON will be written really tiny. And if they do get busted or shut down at least Country Time Lemonade will foot the bill.

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