The likelihood of a white Christmas for Twin Falls is looking bleak as Tuesday night's weather system failed to produce any significant snow accumulations. With the exception of winds clocking in at just under 40mph (unless my phone lied to me), there wasn't much left in the wake of yesterday's advisory.

According to average snowfall statistics for the month of December, Twin Fall's is experiencing an extremely mild start to the winter season, which officially begins tomorrow. While we appear to be on par as far as average temperatures for this time of year--upper 30s are typical according to U.S. climate data--we have fallen way short of the seven inches of snow that Twin Falls usually averages for December.

Area meteorologists were spot on regarding yesterday's weather system. Local forecasters like KMVT's Jordan Dressman predicted less than an inch of snow from Tuesday's storm at the Twin Fall's elevation. I'm no professional when it comes to the weather, but what I woke up to this morning I'd describe as a mere dusting.

For those wishing for a Twin Fall's white Christmas, all hope is not lost. According to the latest forecast, there's about a 30% chance of snow on Saturday. There is a high probability of 2017's Christmas snowmen being substantially smaller however.

Only time will tell.



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