For those in southern Idaho that are over the excessive heat of the summer, there's good news to report. We may have just had our last really hot weekend of the summer.

I think most of you would agree that this summer in southern Idaho has been unusually warm. Triple digit heat isn't uncommon in Twin Falls, but I can't remember a recent summer where we've seen so many days teetering on the verge of it. This past weekend was no exception.

We decided Sunday to escape out to Nat Soo Pah to get in some water time due to yet another weekend flirting with the weather century mark. It was exactly what we needed, as we don't have air conditioning. Our living room has been on average about 75 degrees for the past 12 weeks. We run three fans in the room alone. Our saving grace has been the basement bedroom, and a small swamp cooler in the back game room.

The current extended forecast for Twin Falls is calling for a near 30 degree drop by Wednesday. With a high of 98 expected today, the hump day forecast is down to 71. You do the math.

This is great news for those of you that are over the heat. In fact, for the next two weeks, there are only two days that are even expected to reach near 90 degrees. Tuesday and Wednesday will be the coolest days of the week, with temperatures in the low-seventies. Of course, we still have the month of September. If tradition stays the course, the excessive heat should be behind us.

Lily Pond near Redfish Lake

Lily Pond near Redfish Lake by Stanley

Beautiful Box Canyon Waterfall and River

Lake Walcott A Short Drive From Twin Falls

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