Well, summer is here! Close to triple digit temperatures are forecast for the Magic Valley beginning Tuesday (June 22), and excessive heat appears to be the norm for the majority of days leading up to the Fourth of July holiday.

For southern Idaho residents that have been having a tough time dealing with the excessive heat over the past two weeks, conditions are about to get a whole lot worse. The current extended forecast for Twin Falls is calling for temperatures to climb to near 100 degrees at least eight times between now and July 4.

The average temperature for the region between June 28 and July 5 will be 95 degrees. The average June temperature for Twin Falls is 78.1 degrees.

The hottest days of this week will be Tuesday and Sunday, where temperatures are forecasted between 97 and 99. As for the week beginning June 28, expect highs near 100 for most of that time period.

At our place, we've been hiding out in our basement on a regular basis. Not having air conditioning is a big problem in the summer months, but thankfully our downstairs room is consistently about 57 degrees. We do own a small AC unit we install in the kitchen window when needed, and it looks like that might be next week.

Just remember to provide cold water and fans for your pets if you're in the same boat we're in. Keeping the house closed up by noon has been one way we've been able to combat the heat somewhat, and of course getting to a water source for recreation is always the best plan.

Drink plenty of fluids as well. Our family is averaging about six to 10 Otter Pops a day. The heat is coming Magic Valley.

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