My family and I watch a lot of movies. A trip to the Twin Falls movie theater is something we really look forward to, but the actions of others can sometimes make the experience two hours of frustration and distraction.

The most recent film we watched was Avatar: The Way of the Water. It was amazing and way better than the first one. Despite the odd behavior of a group that chose to sit in the same aisle as us, it wasn't the worst theater experience I've had, but it was pretty bad.

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One of the things that drives me absolutely nuts is when you're seeing a movie that's been out for a while and the theater is ninety-five percent empty, and still, fellow moviegoers choose to sit directly behind you. In this day and age of recurring Covid-19, I really try to not sit near anyone. It's part of the reason I usually wait until a movie has been out for at least two weeks to go see it.

I read recently that another Twin Falls Avatar 2 watcher had a horrible time while at the local theater. I'm not sure why people go to the movies to talk and act like asses. The group that sat next to us while seeing the movie couldn't go more than five minutes without throwing popcorn at one another.

Self-narration during a movie, giggling incessantly, horseplay, and putting feet on the back of people's chairs are all things I've dealt with on recent visits to the cinema. Some people are just too damn immature to go to the movies.

The next film I'm looking forward to seeing is the much-talked-about, The Whale. I'm hoping since the film deals with mature subject matter and has been described as a bit dark and depressing, that many of these theater types will just avoid seeing it so we can be spared the BS.

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