I never realized how much garbage I've collected in my life until we bought a house recently and finished unloading our boxes and totes into what used to be our shop. So, my wife and I are devoting the next couple of months to leaving no receptacles short of completely full.

During my lunch hour today, my wife and I spent some time going through our belongings--some items I haven't laid eyes on since 2016--and weeded out the type of stuff we need to get rid of in order to free up enough space in our shop to store our kayaks, beach cruisers, extra washer and dryer, and to work on projects and play ping pong.

Our new place came with two trash bins to use, and we have been tossing items into a third one that appears to be unclaimed. So, every week, we are filling three trash containers with old collectibles, things my 18-year-old daughter is too cool to hang onto, and other miscellaneous crap we should have exposed of years ago.

I called the Twin Falls PSI to inquire what issues the company might be facing this time of year when people like us are doing some pre-spring cleaning.

"Customer awareness is key. Things that help us be efficient and ease pickup are big," said PSI Customer Service Representative Lyndsi Dasilva.

Overflowing trash bins, and the exposing of dangerous, environmentally harmful materials, continue to be the two biggest headaches for city waste management. I asked about people that over-stuff their receptacles, you know, because I've been guilty a time or two.

"If lids are a couple of inches open that's not a big deal, but over-stuffing is a problem," said Dasilva. "What a lot of people don't know is that if you are signed up for city waste service that includes Twin Falls water, you can leave as many as eight extra bags of trash beside your can."

Eight extra bags! Am I the only one that didn't know this? But wait, there's more.

"We also allow for one free large item pick up a month for those on the trash and water service plan. We do it on Wednesdays. Things like mattresses, couches or tables. Just call to schedule a pickup," said Dasilva.

Those are some nice perks to the service I didn't know about until we had our conversation. Dasilva also wanted to remind people to not toss out things like liquid paint that hasn't been used or properly absorbed. Burnt materials from burn days can still ignite a fire even after a couple days in the bin.

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Greg Jannetta

Fridges, tires, Freon, and old air conditioning units, should not be included in your receptacles either. Always place a call to PSI and inquire on proper disposal for such items, at 208-733-4441.

We want to thank PSI, and its staff, for the work they do, and for bringing such matters to light.

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