It has been a year, and still no haunted carwash in Twin Falls. There is still time to put one together before the weekend or the holiday on Tuesday. This type of attraction would do good in Twin Falls, and it is a shame that it hasn't become a reality yet.

When one holiday ends, anticipation for the next begins. Often stores start preparing for the following holiday the day after one ends. Stores have been and continue to be preparing for Halloween, even though it is still a ways away. Spirit Halloween stores are opening, and major stores will be packed with costumes, candy, and decorations. Halloween is one of the best holidays and Twin Falls is great at celebrating it, but there are a few ways it could be better and give residents some scary moments.

Haunted Carwash for Halloween

A listener recently brought to my attention that Twin Falls needs a haunted carwash for Halloween this year. For anyone in the area that owns or works at one, make this happen. The thought of going through one of those tunnels with an added attraction to it around the holiday would be fun. It wouldn't be too hard to set up, and the business can set up a way to where it is a normal carwash or a haunted one. Charge extra, and people can have fun as they wash their cars by jumping, screaming, and getting slightly scared. The concept is a great idea, and executing shouldn't be that difficult, depending on how much they want to put into it. Imagine going through a carwash to have someone jump out at your car, scaring you and your family, right before another monster jumps out on the other side. I know my car would be much cleaner, as I would go through multiple times. Watch the video above to get a full idea of what could be.

Old Shopko Big Enough for Multiple Purposes

Credit: Aaron Savage, Townsquare Media
Credit: Aaron Savage, Townsquare Media

Shopko already has a purpose through Halloween, often housing the Spirit Halloween store in the area. While nobody wants the store to go away, how about taking advantage of the full size of the building and adding a haunted trail or haunted house into the store? The building is big enough to have a full store and still have a decent-sized haunted house or trail throughout the rest of the store. Yes, Twin Falls has some great haunted attractions, but many of them are outside. This allows for people to have fun and get a good scare during the colder or more wet days in the fall. It is a great way to use the available space as well, and earn extra revenue, by charging customers to do the trail or house.

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Hopefully, the owners or managers in the area will see these and make them happen. It may seem premature to start focusing on Halloween, but time flies once school and fall sports begin, and before you know it, the holiday will be sneaking up on you. If these don't come to be, there are still plenty of fun attractions in the area, but adding these would make Twin Falls a little bit scarier this Halloween. 

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