I've been a resident of Twin Falls for many years, and I've seen some incredible Halloween displays in that time. There's one home in Twin Falls that debuted its Halloween decorations for the first time in 2021, and in my opinion, had the best city display by a long shot.

When I say best city display, I'm not talking about places like the Haunted Swamp that charge a fee to walk through. I'm talking about residential Halloween displays, where it's free to the public. I got wind of a property last Halloween in Twin Falls that was decorated for the first time and included a backyard haunted house with separate rooms all featuring different scare tactics. It was a great deal of fun to walk through, and there was a line down the sidewalk.

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I'm really hoping the planners of the Pahsimeroi House will be back with the impressive Halloween display they had in 2021. I realize a lot can happen in a year, but I do recall having a conversation with one of the homeowners about having intentions on keeping the attraction going for more than just one year.

I took my wife and six-year-old son through the outdoor haunted house in October of 2021, and I remember being blown away by some of the detail and decorations the property owners managed to put on display to visitors.

It was scary, but not too scary. The front yard of the home in 2021 was also very impressive, and motorists were passing through the neighborhood rubbernecking the whole time we were waiting to go in. It'll be tough this October for anyone to top the Pahsimeroi Drive Haunted House from a Halloween ago.

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