The Twin Falls Sheriff's Office this week used social media as a way to alert area drivers to an increase in traffic violations involving county school buses.

A rise in Twin Falls County drivers disobeying traffic laws regarding yielding to school bus drivers has resulted in the department having no other option but to call out those responsible. In an October 1 post on the Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office Facebook page, drivers on Rock Creek Road were singled out in particular for a "recent uptick" in violations.

The department shared a brief video of the area where these laws have been broken in recent weeks. Two motorists can be seen in the video proceeding at a high rate of speed in the oncoming lane past the bus as it comes to a stop. A young boy then exits the school bus seconds later and crosses toward the front.

Anyone with a driver's license better know the rules concerning school buses. Careless motorists with no concern for the safety of others break these laws every day. Automobiles--both oncoming and those approaching from the rear of buses slowing to a stop with lights flashing--need to come to a complete stop until all children are safely clear of the roadway and lights go off.

These types of reminders by area law enforcement should not be happening. Any remotely responsible driver should equate school buses with children, and operate their vehicles with extreme caution.

As a parent of two kids, one of whom who just turned four, I commend the Twin Falls Sheriff's Office for bringing this matter to the public's attention.

Don't put our area children at risk please.

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