The Twin Falls Sheriff's Office shared a couple of photos this week of a driver that was pulled over transporting hay. The department made an example of the driver about the dangers of operating a motor vehicle with an obstructed view.

In a September 23 post to the Twin Falls Sheriff's Office Facebook page, pictures of a car stuffed to the brim with hay was shared publicly. Apparently, the motorist didn't have any issue driving with only forward visibility. The passenger side window, as well as the entire rear window of the vehicle, was obstructed by the animal feed.

The sheriff's office later clarified information included in the post because readers were misidentifying the hay as marijuana. The driver of the vehicle was not transporting marijuana. The Twin Falls Sheriff's Office posted the photographs strictly as a way to educate other drivers to the dangers of driving with restricted visibility.

The motorist's vehicle in the photos was pulled over on US 93. Driving with such an obstructed view in the state of Idaho can result in a $90 fine, according to authorities. Twin Falls Police are attempting to also reduce the number of annual traffic fatalities caused by drivers that have restricted side and rear vision.

Animal feed in this amount should be hauled in a covered trailer. People operating vehicles with such limited views of the roadway are not only jeopardizing their own lives, but also the lives of other motorists. It's efforts like these by area law enforcement that help educate drivers.





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