With the 2022-23 school year wrapping up for many Gem State students, for some, it's difficult to say goodbye to beloved teachers. Many Idahoans have at least one teacher they've learned from that left a decades-long impression.

I'll admit it, I was a terrible student until I went to college. My high school grade point average was barely high enough to allow me to graduate, but I kicked butt in college and graduated with nearly an A average.

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Not all of us had a Mr. Hand to keep us motivated and hold us accountable during our academic careers. I had an English teacher that frightened me to the point he made me a more confident and outgoing teenager. He used to constantly call on me in class as a way to get me to open up and communicate better, but it took me years after graduating to realize what he was up to.

(Warning: This video contains some saucy language)

My daughter graduated from Canyon Ridge High School in Twin Falls and was greatly impacted by her theater instructor Mr. Isaacs. She raved about him constantly, and I know still holds a special place in her heart for him now three years after she moved on. Teachers are heroes to some students, and rightfully so.

Is there an Idaho teacher you had that you still think about all these years later? If so, feel free to give him/her a shout-out.

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